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Center for Healing and Spiritual Growth

A 501(c)(3) NonProfit
Intentional Community serving
Young Adults with Autism


Young Adults 22+
Our mission is to enhance
the lives of Young Adults
 with Autism
through Conscious Wellness Programs, Supported Living
Housing Assistance, intentional Community & Social Events.


& serve families in need.

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... watch us grow, share with your friends and family so we can serve families impacted by Autism.


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May 19th • 2024

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ALL Ability
Dance Festivals

Who We Are

"Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”

        ~ Francis of Assisi


"The Lemon Tree Collective program includes shared supported housing opportunities for families with a Autistic loved ones 22 years or older, who wishes to live more independently in their own home with live-in caring support."


Lemon Tree Collective, Inc. a donor-supported organization 501(c)(3) NonProfit made up of spiritually minded folks providing wellness and growth opportunities for each other and the community.  Lemon Tree Collective will host on-site spiritual and healing mindfulness workshops, educational seminars, and large community events & festivals in participation with local wellness & healing practitioners, musicians, makers, artists, and speakers. Our mission is to build a spiritually congruent and vibrant community that cultivates the extraordinary potential that exists in all of us while providing permanent, supported housing for our loved ones to live, work and grow in a community where everyone can be known, accepted, and understood.

Radical Culture of Inclusion

“Beautiful flowers need tender, loving care to bloom…. So do people.”

      ~ Jim Genovese


We believe that well-being depends on nurturing our interdependence in community. By contributing to the well-being of everyone around us, the benefits grow to enrich the larger society. We honor diversity and inclusion and value the fullness of every human. 

Why Lemon Tree

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

      ~ Albert Einstein


Lemon trees are an enduring symbol of cleansing, freshness, and protection. Lemons are known to restore the mind, body, and soul with their fragrance, taste, and aroma. The lemon tree itself has symbolized adoration, commitment, longevity, purification, love, friendship, and hope throughout different cultures. It is only natural to associate well-being and positive surroundings with the lemon tree. These are the ideals we will continue to strive for in our collective

Housing - Who We Serve

“It’s the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen.”

      ~ Muhammad Ali


Lemon Tree Collective serves Autistic young adults 22 years of age or older, who need moderate to low levels of daily support. Our goal is to enable them to live as independently as possible, surrounded by positive, loving people in an enriching community of care - forming a sustainable system of support.

Housing - Why We Serve - We are taking a small step towards solving a growing need.

“The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.”

      ~ Maya Angelou

According to there are 156,161 people waiting for home and community-based waiver services in Texas. Families who sign up for waivers in Texas wait anywhere from 11-15 years. Based on these numbers - 83% are not getting services and only 17% are getting the services they need. This is a growing crisis.


The statistics are staggering.    2023 CDC Statistics state 1 in 36 now have Autism.
We welcome your generous support fulfilling this need!

The Collective Site

“See the person, not the label.”

      ~ Dr. Temple Grandin


Our community rents homes in South Austin. The houses are located close together to build connections for socializing and creating long term relationships. There is much flexibility in our life-sharing homes. One option is home with two neurodivergent individuals, 2 live-in caregivers, or 2 neurodiverse and 1 live in caregiver. And for those needing minimal support, living independently with daily check ins for support. The idea for community is to have multiple homes in close proximity to each other in a walkable neighborhood close to conveniences such as a grocery and drug store, coffee shop, cafes, nearby parks, employers and easy access to bus service stops. An ideal way for our neurodiverse young adults to have the community they deserve.


After much research and careful consideration, we have chosen the Colonial Trails neighborhood in South Austin and the first Lemon Tree home is thriving. Colonial Trails is a very desirable pocket neighborhood with a park near the new St. Elmo marketplace, south of HWY 71, just a short drive on

S. Congress Ave. from Travis Heights. There are a variety of coffee shops, stores and food trucks nearby:

The Yard


and the soon to open St. Elmo's Marketplace:

Our Initiatives and Programs in Development

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”

      ~ Benjamin Franklin


We are starting slowly and can add programming based on the needs of the families & choice of our LTC residents that join. Our first initiatives include Ability Inclusion Festivals, house concerts, drum circles partnering with local musicians plus social clubs ongoing for social engagement.

As Lemon Tree Grows, the families and the choice of their loved one will decide together which one of the many opportunities and programs to start implementing next. There are endless possibilities!

  • Monthly wellness programming (workshops, interactives, professional speakers, trainings) for residents, community members, and the public

  • Person-Centered Planning (PCP) or Personal Network. PCP planning is an established process that honors the needs of neurodiverse individuals who are ready to be empowered to make decisions that affect how they live their own lives and honors their plan for independent living.


  • Meals designed with delicious and nutritious super foods that heal and promote well-being. Nutrition and health professionals will participate in meal planning, food prep training and workshops. Nightly dinners and select lunches are included in the affordable monthly programming fees.

  • Fitness and nature-based opportunities include a variety of sports (basketball, rock climbing, pickleball, kayaking, yoga & Aikido) and organized group hikes to explore local neighborhoods and Austin’s many trails, greenbelts and city parks.


  • Choice-making training for evolving towards more independence and autonomy.


  • Weekly Group Facilitator sessions to work through life’s daily challenges

  • Creative social gatherings for
    friendship and bonded connections


  • Spirituality mindfulness meetings, speakers and educators

  • Personal fitness training and speakers


  • Mindfulness meditation classes


  • Reiki healing sessions

Building something extraordinary, a paradigm shift in the works.

Stand With Lemon Tree Collective - Help Grow Good Works!

“Alone, we can do so little. Together, we can do so much.”

      ~ Helen Keller

We look forward to speaking to you about joining our mission of building a spiritual and educational community.


Our fundraising goals are:

o 1,000 donors with a recurring monthly minimum donation of $10.00.

o Music festivals & house concerts featuring talented local Austin musicians to benefit.

o Mindfulness speakers, outreach & workshops with teachers, practitioners, and local authors with break out focus sessions.


o In particular, we are proud to offer wellness-based workshops for our our young adults and their families, friends, neighbors, and anyone interested in holistic body, mind, and spiritual growth and the inclusion culture. Everyone is welcome to our heart-centered events.


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Lemon Tree Collective, Inc. • Board of Directors

Lissa Patrizi - RMP*

Founder & Executive Director, Parent
Autism Advocacy

*Reiki Master Practitioner

Vicki Faust - CPA, MPA, MBA


Dr. Ada

Medical Director

Advisory Team

Our talented team of professionals with a wide range of expertise appropriate to Neurodiverse Community Life Sharing Housing:

Cynda Green

Parent & Texas Parent to Parent Pathways to Adulthood Transition Coordinator


Liz Arreaga - MA

Insurance, Marketing & Branding

Yvonnilda Muñiz

J.D. Legal Counsel


Please join us. Studies show that when a family makes the difficult decision with their loved one to have an enriching independent life living away from home - with their Own Home - Own World - Own Life - Own Job - it often results in the very desired outcome of having an Adult Relationship with your Loved one as opposed to the Parent/Child Dynamic. These young adults often rise to the occasion and thrive more than anyone ever expected.

Let’s build each other up in community!


Welcome. Welcome. Welcome.

Please Reach out to LTC to be placed on our
interest list for updates as our community grows!

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Lemon Tree Collective
We currently do not have openings for housing, however, please sign up to be added to our email list for festivals, community socials, updates & house concerts.

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