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a small business within the Lemon Tree Collective

Meaningful Employment – Entrepreneurship Skill Building

The Bright Breads Company in development - bakes loafs of these super food delicious & nutritious breads to sell at local farmers market, neighbors and potentially local family-owned grocers, friends & family. Brighten up any meal with this edible work of art. Lemon Tree Collective residents participate in choice of any aspect of running their own business. Budget and shop for ingredients. Refine and follow recipe. Learn cooking and baking skills. Manage budget with excel spreadsheets for bookkeeping & to also track expenses vs. sales. Packaging and interacting with customers and local business owners. Marketing the business and learning ideas on how to get the word out to increase bread sales. Team meetings on coming up with solutions to run a business with process improvement ideas to incorporate for increasing efficiency as the business grows.

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High Protein Gluten & Dairy Free Bread

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This protein rich organic gluten free super food bread includes a variety of nutrient dense ingredients

• Almond Flour
• Coconut Flour
• Plant based organic protein powders

• Ground flax Seeds
• Chia seeds
• Poppy seeds
• Sunflower seeds
• Sesame seeds
• Pumpkin Seeds


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